Maybe you don’t need to replace your Mac. Maybe it just needs a good wash.

Over time, any computer can get bogged down and disorganized—even a Mac. Now there’s a way to give your performance a boost.


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16.51GB reclaimed to date

Make space for what matters

With just a click, Washing Machine enables you to easily see files that are burdening your computer (such as unwanted caches and language files). That way, you can free up disk space and enhance performance.

  • Flip a switch

    Choose what types of files you want to reclaim with just the flip of a toggle. Search through caches, downloads, languages, logs and trash—or all of them at once.

  • All Items

    1.2 GB of 1.52 GB


    683 MB of 1.0 GB


    148 MB of 167 MB

    Look inside

    An interactive graph shows you precisely where you can reclaim disk space. You may be surprised at what you find!

  • Files Selected: 31


    Want to play it safe with the files you get rid of? No problem. Or do you want to be more aggressive? Choose your comfort level and set your deletion criteria accordingly.


Two is too many

It’s important to backup files externally, but there’s rarely a need for duplicate files on your computer. The thing is, most people have lots of duplicates they don’t even know about. Now it’s easy to get rid of them and speed up your Mac.

Some common culprits Washing Machine can help with:

  • Movies - Video files take up tremendous space. Got an old movie you’re never going to watch again? Get rid of it!
  • Music - Like video, music takes up a big chunk of computer resources.
  • Documents - Duplicate text files, spreadsheets, presentations and other documents all add up to less performance.
  • Pictures - Do away with extraneous JPGs, GIFs, TGAs and PNGs.
  • Archives - These file bundles (including ZIP, TAR, XAR, disc image (DMG) and Pax files) can weigh down your Mac. Don’t let them.


Make sense of the madness

Efficiency is about more than having fewer files and apps on your computer—it’s about the programs and files you use most being readily accessible. Washing Machine helps streamline and organize things so you can work smarter.

  • Smart Dock

    The Smart Dock allows you to easily drag and drop apps to and from your dock. It shows you which apps you use most (and which you don’t use) and gives you easy access to them. That way, you can ensure a more efficient workflow.

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    Smart Folders

    Quick access to the files you use most makes life easier. Smart Folders automatically bundle your most frequently used files and applications all in once place.

  • Smart Desktop

    A cluttered desktop does you no favors in terms of efficiency. Smart Desktop automatically sorts your desktop disarray into folders. Choose to put them all in a single folder, or it will sort them by type (music, documents, etc.) — or you can trash them altogether.

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